Walk Through Time: Easy, self-guided walking tours provide glimpses into Decatur’s history

By Catherine Godbey | Living 50 Plus Stories of a church founded by slaves, a bank that served as a hospital during the Civil War and a riverboat captain and his girlfriend, a brothel madam, await participants in Decatur’s self-guided walking tours. With flat streets and at a pace set by each participant, the self-guided walking tours offer seniors an

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Floating in the wind: Laura Stewart became balloon pilot to enjoy the ‘fun’

By Deborah Storey | Living 50 Plus Laura Stewart once landed her hot-air balloon in a field of cows that rambled over to investigate the stranger from the skies. They “thought we might have food,” Stewart recalled. That’s the thing about piloting a hot-air balloon — you never know exactly where you’ll end up. As the wizard famously said in

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Living History: Rev. Wylheme Ragland keeps Decatur’s past alive

By Catherine Godbey | Living 50 Plus Tucked away in the corner of libraries and archives in north Alabama, Tuscaloosa and Atlanta, the Rev. Wylheme Ragland spends hundreds of hours each year researching the past. “History, specifically African-American history, is my passion,” the 76-year-old Ragland said. “If I am doing research, I may stay up until 2 or 3 in

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