Making Strides: Places in north Alabama to explore by walking

By Catherine Godbey | Living50Plus As people age, the variety of ways to stay physically active shrink. Gone, for many, are the days of full contact football, basketball, wrestling and baseball. But myriad opportunities remain for individuals to meet the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise. Think swimming, gardening, yoga and, one of the most popular activities, walking.

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Taking Center Stage: Decatur seniors present first theatrical performance

By Catherine Godbey | Living 50 Plus Standing next to her castmates, 91-year-old Georgia Rogers led the audience and actors in a singing of “We Shall Overcome.” The song culminated a staging of “A Slave’s Dream,” the debut performance undertaken by Decatur’s senior citizens at Turner-Surles Community Resource Center. “We do a lot of stuff here every day to keep

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Wild About Wildlife: Decatur photographer captures images of north Alabama’s nature

Stan Hyde started photographing wildlife [JERONIMO NISA/LIVING 50 PLUS]

By Catherine Godbey | Living 50 Plus As the crisp, cool air of New Year’s Day whipped around Stan Hyde, he steadied his camera, followed the bald eagle’s path and gently pressed the shutter button. Click. Click. Click. Click. Hyde captured the eagle in flight over Crabtree Slough. “I used to hunt, but now I only hunt with my camera,”

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Family Foundation: Inspired by her ancestors, Venessa Edmonds has impacted thousands through her work and service

By Catherine Godbey | Living 50 Plus Venessa Edmonds slowly walked the sidewalks surrounding the site where Gordon Bibb Elementary School, where she attended second and third grades, once stood. “It was challenging, but my family prepared me for it,” the now 62-year-old Edmonds said. “I went from a school where everyone looked like me to a place where I

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