Protect yourself from coronavirus fraud

Restrictions implemented to prevent the spread of thenovel coronavirus COVID-19 have saved untold numbersof lives. The world has adjusted to such restrictions, andmany parts of the world have relaxed measures as case numbershave declined.As communities begin returning to some semblance ofnormalcy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention haswarned people against letting their guard down. While manyof those warnings pertain

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Avoiding medical care because of fears of contractingCOVID-19 could mean the diff erence between life anddeath.For major medical issues such as heart attack and stroke,the benefi ts of quickly getting care are much, much higher, saidDr. B.J. Hicks, OhioHealth vascular neurologist and co-directorof the Comprehensive Stroke Program at Riverside MethodistHospital, Columbus, Ohio.“Make sure you seek treatment that will have you

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DECATUR – J. Hugh Looney chose a profession thatrequires long hours. He also chose to make sure that hisprofession is not the only thing that takes up his timebecause he remains active at work and at play at age 78.The Morgan County native has been a Decatur fi xture in thehair styling business for most of his adult life. Looney’s

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After three decades working and performing with blockbuster
musical acts, including U2, Marilyn Manson, Gnarls Barkley
and Nine Inch Nails, drummer Chris Vrenna, at the age of
51, traded in arenas packed with 50,000 fans for classrooms of 20
students at Decatur’s Alabama Center for the Arts.

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